Featured Cat: Kuan

Featured Cat:  Kuan

    Who is the coolest Amur Leopard at Cat Haven, Kuan Yin! Kuan Yin is named for a Chinese Goddess because the Amur Leopard’s range used to include China.  She loves to lounge on her platforms and log, you may even see Kuan sleeping on the highest log with her legs draped off the sides.  She also loves ‘stinky’ boxes (sprayed with perfumes or rubbed with herbs).  Kuan just celebrated her 18th birthday which makes her a senior citizen.  If you ask our many keepers during the years, they will tell you that Kuan is not the friendliest of leopards, but then she met Lydia.  Many of you will remember our head keeper, Lydia, from our last newsletter.  Kuan has fallen in love with Lydia and Kuan will call to Lydia and run down to give her kisses at the edge of the enclosure.  Kuan also loves to play a ‘stick game’ with Lydia.  If you want to see what a leopard ‘stick game’ is, you will have to come and visit; you may be lucky enough to see them play.  There are only about 230 Amur’s worldwide in...

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