Spend your special day at Cat Haven

Several Birthday Packages available

Small groups (15 or fewer) can book the lunch area at our Play Pen area.  Enjoy lunch or snacks and cake (not provided by Cat Haven), viewing one of our cat Play Pens.  You never know who will be there eating lunch with you – could be a small cat or cub.    A three hour reservation is just $50.00 plus cost of tour.  $15/adults (ages 13-61), $10/kids (ages 4-12), and $12.00/seniors (ages 62+) kids under age 4 are free.

Larger groups can book the area over-looking the Tiger enclosure.  Relax on our large deck with seating for up to 40 guests.  Watch the cats in the play pens or our Bengal tigers in and around their pond.  A three hour reservation is just $100.00 plus cost of tour.  $15/adults (ages 13-61), $10/kids (ages 4-12), and $12.00/seniors (ages 62+) kids under age 4 are no charge.  Groups of 20 or more paying people can enjoy group rates at $8/adults (ages 13-61), $6/kids (ages 4-12), and $7.50/seniors (ages 62+).

Both reserved areas can be decorated prior to the party and the area will be reserved for three hours.  Meet here and enjoy a snack or lunch (not provided by Cat Haven), then be treated to a guided tour for your group to be introduced to our beautiful cats, then meet back for party games, treats & presents.

Want an ambassador cat to attend your party?  We can bring one of our cat ambassadors to sit at a table (behind our barriers) next to your eating area while you relax.  Take a group picture with the cat.  Please contact us for restrictions and availability.  A 30 minute visit from our small cats is just $100.00 and a 30 minute visit from one of our cheetahs is just $250.00.

Our gift shop sells waters, sodas and snacks.  You are encouraged to bring in any snacks, treats or drinks for your group.  We do not have refrigerator or freezer availability so plan accordingly.  Decorations not provided by Cat Haven.  Most decorations are fine to bring in but, for the safety of our cats, we cannot have loose decorations that can blow around our grounds.

Staff will be available to host your group for the guided tour, empty trash cans, answer questions, etc.  Guests are responsible to put up any desired decorations, remove all decorations, basic clean up and maintaining appropriate behavior of your guests during your visit.

Party games are available for your use; a host will explain the rules

Animal Cracker Charades (kids pick an animal cracker and must act out the animal; when the kids guess the animal they get to eat the cracker).  Bring your own Animal Crackers or purchase from Cat Haven.

Pin the Tail on the Tiger (like pin the tail on the donkey).  We will provide the Tiger and Tail for $5.00

Capture the Cat.   Similar to Hot Potato.   When the music starts, they will start passing the animal toy provided by Cat Haven. When the music stops, the child with the animal wins the animal as a prize. $2.50 per child


Party Crafts are available as well for a small cost

Rockin’ Safari Friend (kids pick out a rock and receive pre-cut mane, nose, eyes and paint) assemble and decorate their new rock lion friend        $1.50 per child

Enrich our cats. create paper mache balls, decorate cardboard boxes or scented logs for our Keepers to deliver to our cats.  Bring your own pumpkins or melons to decorate to be used another day for cat enrichment.    Enrichment items will not be given to cats during your party.   No Charge

Party games will be added over time so please contact us for more information.

Want to do more?  Instead of asking for presents, consider collecting money to donate to one of our conservation partners or collect money to purchase a new toy for our cats (toys that can hold up to lions and tigers don’t come cheap)

Cost of the reserved seating area will be charged at the time you book your party and is non-refundable if party is cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled date.  ‘No Show’ will be considered a cancellation.