• To exhibit a variety of wild cats and engage public support for their conservation in the wild via specific projects.
  • To support responsible and effective captive management.
  • To specialize in jaguars: a former native of North America which has not received sufficient attention.
  • To create a facility which can foster useful attributes in youth and encourage respect for the natural world.


Project Survival’s Cat Haven promotes the conservation and preservation of wild cats in their native habitat by educating visitors and publicizing the work done by Project Survival Cat Conservation Group. Project Survival’s Cat Haven maintains an educational room at the facility for youth programs and an outreach program. The Cat Haven is designed to act as ‘base camp’  in the belief that preserving wild cats in their native habitat is the principle justification for maintaining them in captivity. Project Survival is engaged in fundraising, including the creation of endowments, to support wild life specialists and educators working in range countries.

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