Project Survival’s welcomes all Scouts

Whether you are working on a specific badge, Eagle Scout project or just looking for a fun and educational way day trip with your troop, our Cat Haven can be a great place to visit.

Collect a group of 20 or more paying people and you will qualify for group rates.

Come take a tour!

Experience a class!  Tracks and Trails class is a great way to satisfy animal tracking requirements.  Conservation Ethics class focuses on environmental conservation and co-existence.
Eco Adventures looks at cat adaptations and specializations to thrive in different biomes

Are you looking to fulfil volunteer hours to help improve or clean up a conservation or animal facility?  Extra sets of helping hands are always welcome, but must be scheduled with us ahead of time to make sure we have age appropriate projects ready for your troop.

Or are you looking for a service project to improve animals lives?  Contact us to have your troop make fire hose hammocks, toys or other enrichment for our cats.  Specific do’s and don’ts for these projects will be provided before you start.

We have many projects which would be great Eagle Scout Projects.  As our list is constantly changing, please contact us by phone at 559-338-3216 or email us at to discuss current needs.