Help us Rescue Victoria

The jaguar named Victoria was born in September 2011 at Rio Branco Zoo, Acre State, Brazil.
During her first weeks of life, the vets from the zoo noted that she began to have neurological symptoms such as incoordination and changes in skull shape.
Looking for a better veterinary assistance they moved her to Sorocaba Zoo in November, 22 2011 when she was weighing only 12.80 kg.
After the first clinical evaluations, the Sorocaba Zoo team decided to transfer her to a university hospital, where she could receive specialized care.  She was moved once again, now to Veterinary Hospital of the São Paulo University (UNESP/Botucatu).
Victoria was treated at the University until June, 19 2013 when she was released to come back to Sorocaba Zoo.
Unfortunately, Sorocaba did not have an enclosure for her, and she has been housed in an extra sector waiting for a better destination, now weighing 54,6 kg. All the another Brazilian zoos contacted did not have enclosure for her either because of animals coming from the wild which still happens frequently nowadays.
Project Survival’s Cat Haven contacted CENAP with the interest to receive jaguars from Brazil and it looked to be a good solution to provide a better life for Victoria.
As we work on the paperwork and permits, we also need to raise funds to have a nice home waiting for her when she arrives. We currently need:

  • $5000.00 for the transportation crate
  • $2500.00 for permit and related fees
  • $17,000.00 to complete her home in Jag Jungle at Cat Haven