Teacher Resources

Tours and classes are a great way to get your kids excited about learning and make for great fieldtrips.

The Fieldtrip tab will give you an overview of the classes offered.  Once you have selected a class, you may download a lesson plan and Pre & Post activities.

The Reminder Checklist will help to make sure everyone is ready for the fieldtrip and has a great experience.

We also do a yearly collection of gently used back packs and school supplies that we deliver to Wana Duma Children’s Project in Kenya, Africa each fall.

Please let us know if your group would be interested in helping to collect these items this spring.

Wana Duma School Classroom at Wana Duma

Get Prepared for the Field Trip

  1. Discuss the purpose of the field trip, what they will be seeing and how it relates to what they are learning in class.
  2. Introduce vocabulary words that will be used by docents during the tour.
    • Examples include: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, canine teeth, binocular vision, family, genus, species, sub-species, prey, endangered, extinct, conservation, pride (family), cubs, litter, heat or estrus cycle, gestation, arboreal,
    • View pictures of the unique animals these larger cats eat like capybara, anaconda, Thompson’s gazelle, water buffalo, roe deer, and tapir.
  3. Assign students, or small groups of students, a cat species to research prior to the fieldtrip. There are 39 species of wild cats as of today, but it is recommended that you help the students select cat species that will be found at the Cat Haven.  Students will participate in giving information on tour for the cats they studied.
    • Our cat selection varies, but you will usually be seeing lions, Bengal tigers, jaguars, Amur leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards, cheetah, Eurasian lynx, Canada Lynx, Bobcat, Serval, Jaguarundi and Pallas Cat. Other good choices are Mountain lion and Fishing cat.
  4. Review the ‘Reminder Checklist’ and consider sending a copy home with the permission slip.
  5. Discuss appropriate behavior for your fieldtrip (no yelling, no running, being respectful to the animals, ie., no hissing at them, no barking at them, etc.)