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Founded in 1993 with the purchase of 100 scenic acres just west of King’s Canyon National Park the Cat Haven offers guided tours of some of the rarest cats in the world. It also promotes grass-root level support for range country conservation through Project Survival, a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Snow leopard
Amur leopardZoom in
Amur leopard
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Clouded leopard

About the Location

Project Survival’s Cat Haven is located at an elevation of 2400′ – 3000′,15 miles west of King’s Canyon National Park, an area internationally famous for its giant sequoia redwood trees. The nearest major city is Fresno, California, forty-five miles to the west.

The View from the Cat HavenZoom in
The View from the Cat Haven

The facility commands panoramic views across the foothills of the Shannon Valley. It benefits from cool evening breezes, low humidity and equitable temperatures. Old growth manzanita, live oak and buckeye trees, interspersed with small to massive granite boulders, make the terrain highly attractive. Three springs on the property produce excellent water and supply a year round pond and waterfall. Cat enclosures take advantage of these natural features, providing the animals with great opportunities for play and privacy. The exhibits are spaced at intervals along a pathway which winds beneath oaks and manzanita, giving visitors a sense of discovery as they walk up to each exhibit.