Our Cats

Bobcats – Whirlpool and Maytag

Approximate Birthday – July 30, 2008      Weight – 17lbs.

Whirly and Maytag were found in the desert of Arizona.  Their mother had made a den or nest inside an old washing machine which had been dumped into an old mine shaft.  Their mother was found shot and killed.  Three cubs were found but one was already dead.  Whirly and Maytag still had their eyes closed when they were found.  They came to the Cat Haven and were hand-raised by Jolien and Wendy.  They started fighting with each other when they were just 2 months old and were then separated.    They were both ambassador cats for many years, but have since retired themselves and spend their days relaxing at our Cat Haven.  They like smelly perfumed boxes, playing and being cute!

Tigers – Kong and Dianna

Kong – Bengal Tiger

Birthday – December 4, 1997      Weight – 300lbs.

Kong and his brother, Goliath, were some of the first cats that came to Cat Haven.  They were born at Marine World Africa USA.  Marine World contacted Cat Haven and asked to place the cubs here because they had too many baby tigers born.  Kong loves Dale and will lick his head and chuff when he sees him.  Kong is grumpy with almost everyone else.  Many of our staff refer to him as a grumpy grandpa as he is an old man who is regularly cantankerous.  He also has his favorite spot, much like an old man’s favorite recliner, and is found there most of the day and night.

Dianna – Bengal Tiger (White)

Birthday – March 9, 2013              Weight – 200lbs.

Dianna was given to us by a sanctuary in Oklahoma.  She was offered to us when they heard we were looking to get a female Tiger to name Dianna in honor of Dianna Hanson as tigers were Dianna Hanson’s favorite cat.  The sanctuary was looking for a home for her to make room to help other facilities nearby that were affected by the tornados that went through the area.  Initially we weren’t interested in a white tiger, but agreed to meet her when picking up Jackson in Kansas.  Of course we fell in love with her and agreed to take her.  Dianna has a very outgoing personality and wants to be friends with everyone and everything.  She is known to chuff (Tiger hello) at just about everything.  Dianna is also full of energy and has been enjoying being in the Tiger exhibit where she can swim and run as much as she wants.  Dianna has blue eyes just like her namesake and has similar personality traits.  Dianna will not be bred, but will hopefully live with Kong when she gets big enough.

Serval – Sikia


Birthday  – May 16, 2008                Weight – 22 – 25lbs.

Sikia came from a breeder in Arkansas to be a possible ambassador cat.  She is a diva and, even though she was very sweet as a kitten, she wasn’t interested in ambassador work.  When she was young she used to suck on the fingers of her trainers and go on leash walks.  Eventually she decided she didn’t like getting dressed (putting a harness and leash on) so she no longer goes on walks.  She will chase anything that moves, including snakes.  She has been known to play with rattlesnakes, but has never been bitten by one because of her quick reflexes.  She is not sure what to think about Sudi yet, she still won’t let him approach her even when she is in heat, but doesn’t mind his presence.

Cheetahs – Tango, Jazz and Salsa


Birthday – June 24, 2006               Weight – 95 to 100lbs.

Tango was born at DeWildt in South Africa which is a captive breeding center.  He went to “cheetah school” at Cheetah Outreach near Cape Town to be trained to be an ambassador cat for cheetah conservation.  He is a very popular guest at schools, libraries and special events.  He has been in several TV Commercials (Adidas, Kia Cars, Comcast, BF Goodrich, Hyundai) and several photo shoots.  Tango is easy to get along with and likes people, especially women.  He loves the attention, oohs and ahhs from people who come to see him.  He likes to be brushed.


Birthday – July 16, 2011                 Weight – 115lbs.

Jazz and Salsa were born at Cango in South Africa and were hand-raised and trained there to be ambassador cats for conservation.  They are both very friendly with most people and love attention from their keepers and visitors.  Jazz is our biggest cheetah and has a people-pleaser attitude.  He is very attentive and always wants to make his handlers happy (to get the treat rewards).  He purrs loudly when he is getting attention from his keepers.


Birthday – August 25, 2011           Weight – 83lbs.

Jazz and Salsa were born at Cango in South Africa and were hand-raised and trained there to be ambassador cats for conservation.  They are both very friendly with most people and love attention from their keepers and visitors.  Salsa has the loudest purr of our three cheetahs and also has a reputation for being a cheater cheetah as she tends to cut corners or run through the middle of the oval racetrack when we run the cheetahs in order to catch the lure.  She is very fast and very sweet!


Ivan – Siberian Lynx or Eurasian Lynx

Birthday – April 24, 2006                Weight – 50lbs.

Ivan came from a breeding facility and was hand-raised by Wendy and Dale.  He was an ambassador cat for about 2 years and then decided he didn’t like the job.  He no longer likes to ‘get dressed’ (putting on a harness and collar) so he doesn’t get to visit schools anymore.  He now prefers to relax in his enclosure and have all the kids come to visit him.  He likes to play in water and lounge in his pool when it is hot.  Ivan likes to play with eggplants and melons and can be seen going fishing in his pool for toys and treats.  He also likes to be showered off gently with the water hose when it gets hot.  His favorite person is Wendy and he “talks” to her and calls for her when he hears her.  He can be a picky eater at times.

Eh – Canada Lynx

Birthday – May 17, 2012                Weight – 33lbs.

Eh came to us from a breeding facility in Minnesota and was raised by Meg Pauls.  Eh can be a bit shy but is also very playful.  He loves to go up in trees or up on platforms and goes from ground to tree to platform very quickly.  He is very fun to watch.

Jaguars – Butch, Juanita, Betia, Morato, Pintada, Rose & Samba, Nacho & Libre


Birthday – March 11, 1995       Weight – 160lbs.

Butch was born at the EFBC (Exotic Feline Breeding Center) and came to us from the Dallas World Aquarium for breeding purposes.  In return for getting him, we have sent 2 of his cubs that were born here back to DWA (1 melanistic male named Balam and 1 golden female named Caipora).  Butch has lived at multiple zoos over his life and has sired many cubs.  At a zoo previous to DWA he was stressed and anxious to the point of a large chunk of his own tail off.  He had to be on medications for anxiety while at that facility.  It is not known what made him anxious there, but we do know he is much happier when he is living with a female jaguar.  Once he transferred to DWA they were able to wean him off the medications without any problems.  Cat Haven is his retirement home and he will live the remainder of his life here which he seems very happy about.  He has 2 girlfriends (Juanita and Betia) who he takes turns living with.  He loves to hang out with his girlfriends, lounge in the pool on hot days and play with melons.  He also likes to make sure tours know that the enclosure and his girlfriends belong to him by spraying and has been known to spray people on the tour.

Juanita and Betia

Birthday – December 24, 2003                    Weight – 120lbs.

These sisters were born at the La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala.  They were considered surplus cats there and were donated to us when they were 11 months old.  They are our first Jaguars and are the mothers to all the Jaguar cubs born here.  They take turns living with Butch.  We do not allow them to have more than 2 litters in a row so after one or two litters they move to the bachelorette pad for a year or two to rest and recover.  Juanita is the mother of Santo (who lives at Animal Ark near Reno), Rose & Samba, Nacho & Libre.  Betia is the mother to Morato and his brother Tio (who lives at a facility in Pennsylvania), Balam & Caipora (lives at DWA), Oz (lives at a facility in Kansas) and Wiley and Button.  They both love water, melons, gourds, coconuts and hides.   Both girls have very strong personalities, but do well with Butch because of his calmer, laid back personality.

Rose & Samba

Birthday – April 26, 2012                Weight – 110lbs.

Rose and Samba were born at Cat Haven to Butch and Juanita.  They were hand-raised and trained.  At one year old they could still go for leash walks but now they are too big.  They like to play in water with toys (fire hose cubes, veggies, bones, fruit, etc.)  They are relatively gentle, for Jaguars.  They love being with each other and we have to spray bad tasting things on Rose’s tail to keep Samba from sucking on it like a pacifier.  They regularly play together and lay together and as long as they love living together, they won’t likely be separated.


Birthday – August 14, 2010              Weight – 140lbs.

Morato was born at Cat Haven to Butch and Betia and is named after Dr. Ronaldo Morato in Brazil.  He was part of the first litter of jaguars born here.  His brother Tio lives in Pennsylvania and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for Jaguar conservation through the facility he lives at.  We do not sell our cats; cats are either traded, given to facilities that will raise funds for cat conservation, or both.  All facilities are ones we know and trust to take good care of ‘our’ babies.  Morato has a very sweet and gentle personality, for a Jaguar, and went on leash walks until he was 2 years old.  He was on Jay Leno, an episode of America’s Next Top Model, an X-Box 360 commercial and a mini documentary by Canon.  Morato loves water and likes to put his toys in his pool or water bucket (even when they don’t fit).  He also likes to take showers (walking into the stream of water while his keepers are hosing down his enclosure) on hot days.  He is terrified of snakes, as well as anything resembling snakes, and Christmas trees.  He loves melons, gourds, different types of vegetables, hard boiled eggs, sticks and logs.


Birthday – October 31, 2003        Weight –  125lbs.

Pintada came to us from DWA in the summer of 2014.  She was originally allowed to time-share with Morato as we thought they might get along and enjoy each other’s company, but Pintada prefers to have a place of her own and is a bit combative with roommates.  She prefers men, but is a bit unpredictable so our keepers need to keep their distance when interacting or working around her.  She loves to play and loves enrichment, but is known to eat just about everything so enrichment toys and treats need to be carefully planned.  All of our Jaguars have metal water buckets which are encased in concrete to keep them from eating the metal buckets.  One of Pintada’s first ‘accomplishments’ after arriving here was to pull her metal bucket out of the concrete surround so she could destroy the bucket.  If you come to visit Pintada, you may notice a very large, very heavy, very thick-walled water bucket in her enclosure which she has not yet managed to destroy.

Nacho and Libre

Birthday – November 3, 2014        Weight –  110lbs. and growing

Nacho and his brother Libre were born here at Cat Haven to Butch and Juanita.

They were both destined to be educational ambassadors for their wild Jaguar cousins and assist us with conservation fundraising they were socialized to be comfortable around humans. They were raised by Lydia Richie and Jennifer Tory along with Dale and Wendy. When he and Nacho were younger, they both went out to many schools, churches, libraries and similar facilities to help us get the word out about what life is like for wild jaguars and what everyone can do to help. They also went down to L.A. and met with several celebrities including Jack Black – the original Nacho Libre.

Libre’s spot pattern gives him a design that looks like a butterfly in the middle of his forehead.



Birthday – September 19, 1994                  Weight – 77lbs.

She-Beth was born at the Exotic Feline Breeding Center (EFBC) and was donated to us by Cougar Hill Ranch when Cat Haven was first opening.  She is an ex-Hollywood cat, but was too playful and too easily distracted to be in the movie business.  She has never been in any movies.  She was brought here to educate people about the melanistic coloring.  She was de-clawed on her front paws prior to coming here.  It is now illegal to de-claw exotic cats in California, but was not at the time she was de-clawed.  She loves to play with boxes and sticks, but little else.  She is very smart and creative.  She has been seen sliding down the hill on her back or on a cardboard box she flattened.  She once flattened a large box that a couch came in and turned the flattened box in to a slip and slide.  She prefers women and isn’t a fan of men or people wearing hats.

Amur Leopards – Nan-Ying, Kuan-Yin and Kalara

Birthday – August 11, 1997                           Weights – 75-80lbs.

Their parents, Chen and Argon, were the first cats to arrive at Cat Haven.  Chen and Argon had bred shortly before their arrival so Chen was pregnant with our three girls when she arrived.  Both parents lived to 18 years of age and were humanly euthanized when their health declined (Argon had liver failure and cancer; Chen had Ovarian cancer).  The 3 sisters are named after Chinese Goddesses because the Amur Leopard’s range used to include China.  Nan-Ying passed away in the spring of 2014 due to kidney failure.  There are only about 230 Amur’s worldwide in captivity which means it is difficult to find mates that are not closely related.  Our girls have never been bred, are past breeding age, and have all been spayed after they started experiencing problems during their heat cycle.  They love to lounge on their platforms and log, you may even see Kuan sleeping on the highest log with her legs draped off the sides.  They also love ‘stinky’ boxes (sprayed with perfumes or rubbed with herbs).  Each of the girls has very different personalities; just like human siblings.  Kalara has an all black nose and a straight line of spots between her eyes.  Kuan Yin is a lighter color fur than her sisters with a slight blue tint to her eyes and a mostly pink nose.

Amur Leopards – Hannah and Jane

Birthday – July 7, 2013                          Weights – 75-85lbs

Hannah and Jane came to us in the fall of 2015 from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

Jaguarundi – Ricki, Lucy & Chikita

Ricki and Lucy

Birthday – November 21, 2005                   Weights 8 – 11lbs.

Their parents, Mama and Papa, came to us from the Sao Paulo Zoo in Brazil in 1999 and they had several litters during their life here.  Lucy and Ricki were raised by Wendy and used to like playing under the covers of her bed as kittens.  Lucy is very shy but loves Wendy and Dale.  Ricki has “little man” syndrome, but will come to the keepers for rosemary, perfumes and hand sanitizer.  He loves the strong scents and will rub and drool on them.  Lucy is spayed to prevent her from breeding with her brother.  They were named Ricki and Lucy after the I Love Lucy show and references Lucy’s reddish color fur.  They are very vocal and will call to each other if separated.  When keepers arrive with food in the morning, Ricki will run around his enclosure kicking up his hind legs (like a bucking bronco) while making a variety of vocalizations.


Birthday – September 17, 2001                  Weight 10lbs.

Another daughter of Mama and Papa, she was born here with her sister Gitana and brother Junior.  While Chikita was socialized, like Ricki and Lucy, she never got to be comfortable around lots of strangers so to keep her happy and calm, she lives her life off the tour route.  She is used to her keepers and even lets some of them pet her.  She loves Dale and is quite sweet.

Clouded Leopards


Snow Leopards – Tizana and Jackson

Tizana aka Tizzy

Birthday – June 2, 1997                  Weight – 55lbs

Tizana, affectionately known as ‘Tizzy’, was born at Oakhill Center for Rare and Endangered Species in Oklahoma.  She was originally given to us on a loan at 3 weeks of age and then purchased in 2002.  She is very selective of the people she likes and rarely changes her mind.  She loves to play in her pond and will toss her toys in the water and back out again.  She also enjoys being misted with the hose on hot days.  She likes to play hide and seek with the people she likes and will run along the wire with us.  You know when she wants to do this because she will hide behind a tree or rock and crouch in a pouncing stance with a playful glint in her eyes.  She loves to run and jump and will occasionally jump and turn 360 degrees when pouncing on her toys.  The first time she experienced snow she climbed up her tree and started flinging snow everywhere.  She is not a big fan of rain and will often opt to stay in the comfort of a dry den box rather than play in the rain.


Birthday – May 22, 2013                Weight – 76lbs.

Jackson came from Tanganyika in Kansas.  We had given them a male melanistic Jaguar cub named Oz and in exchange we got Jackson.  Jackson is named for Rodney Jackson who started the Snow Leopard Conservancy.  Once we found out we were going to get a male Snow Leopard, Dale let Rodney know we were naming the cub after him.  Rodney was very pleased and thrilled with that honor and Jackson the cub has met his namesake several times at fundraisers for the Snow Leopard Conservancy.  Jackson has already helped raise lots of money for his wild cousins through Snow Leopard Conservancy.  Jackson loves to utilize his jumping skills and is very good at using his rudder-like tail to make a direction change mid-jump.  He tends to like to make flying jumps when he wants to pounce on objects.  Similar to Tizzy, Jackson chooses his friends haphazardly and is very selective.  His favorite person is Wendy who bottle-fed him when he arrived at Cat Haven.

Lions – Titan and Pely


Birthday – May 17, 2001                Weight – 225lbs.

Pely came to us in 2006 when she was donated to us by Hollywood Animals in the L.A. area.  She was trained by Brandon MacMillan (hosted a show called “Night” on Animal Planet and “Lucky Dog” on CBS) to be in the entertainment industry.  Pely has a very dominant personality and didn’t get along well with her sisters or other lions so she wasn’t a good candidate for movies and TV.  She loves attention and being around people so this facility was a good fit for her.  Her trainer still comes to visit her occasionally and she still recognizes him and clearly loves him.  She was trained using a milk bottle as a reward so we still let her drink from one through the wire occasionally as a treat (we squirt the milk through the wire and she laps it with her tongue).  She also loves melons and Christmas trees.


Birthday – September 28, 2010                  Weight – 450lbs.

Titan came to us from a Hollywood animal trainer.  He was raised at their facility along with his brother but as he became an adult he became food aggressive.  Even though he was otherwise very sweet, they could no longer work with Titan.  They still kept him and took very good care of him at their facility, but when they heard we were looking to get a male lion to keep Pely company, they offered Titan to us.  The owner of the facility, along with Titan’s favorite person, drove Titan to Cat Haven and helped settle him into his new home.  Titan quickly made himself at home here and loves his keepers.  He is very affectionate with his favorite keepers and is very talkative when happy.  He has a very loud roar that can be heard periodically through the night.  Pely joins in with the roaring and the local people in the area enjoy hearing them roar.