Dr. Morato


Cat Research in Brazil Essay.

We have supported Pro Carnivoros since Project Survival was founded in 1997. Pro Carnivoros was started by many different Brazilian veterinarians and biologists including Dr. Ronaldo Morato. The Institute for the Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores – Pro-Carnivoros is a civil association of private, non-governmental and non-profit. It was founded in Brazil in 1996, is headquartered in Atibaia – SP and has projects in the field in many parts of the country essay.

Support for Pro Carnivoros has continued but Dr. Morato has moved over to CENAP-ICMBio to coordinate research at the center. Project Survival has helped raise funds and get others to supply equipment to aid in research of wild cats in Brazil essay. 

Project Survival staff members have accompanied Dr. Morato on field research projects in Brazil. be This helps the staff to have a better understanding on what is needed and to be able to give first hand knowledge of the work done.