Project Survival’s Cat Haven offers a limited number of Internship opportunities.  As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we offer no stipend to interns.

This internship is meant to be for people who are studying zoology, biology, ecology or other animal related fields.  People who have prior zoo keeping experience or are wanting to gain more experience are also welcome to apply.  A strong desire to work in an animal/conservation related field is also a plus.


This internship may be difficult in many ways.  The work load is heavy and your body will get tired.  The days can be 12 hours long.  Weather conditions may either be VERY hot or very cold, wet or even snowy.

You will be working in the food prep kitchen- this will include cutting up/skinning raw meats; gutting, skinning and chopping whole prey like rabbits/guinea pigs/quail etc.  On butchering days, you may be asked to help bag large chunks of freshly butchered meat.  It is not a job for squeamish people!

You will be raking, shoveling, picking up poop, painting, moving dirt, weed removal, washing dishes, mopping and more.  You may be required to lift at least 50 pounds.  You will be giving educational tours, dealing with school children, traveling to schools and other places.  In our area, you will be working around bees, snakes (including Rattle Snakes), mice, lizards, toads, bugs, wild pigs, poison oak etc.

You will begin by giving tours and doing food prep. As soon as you can give a tour to a group without supervision, you will advance to keeper training.

Head and lead keepers will be your trainers.  Dale will also train you for part of the time.

Your supervisors/keepers will determine how and when you will advance.  This job requires concentration, attention to detail, safe work practices and more.

You will be observed carefully and evaluated.  Not everyone will learn at the same pace. You will start training with the small calls.  Some people advance to additional  cats sooner than others- we do not play favorites but make decisions based on your skills.  We do not want you to get hurt.  Not everyone will advance to big cats.  Not all people will end up being zoo keepers.  You will be treated as individuals according to how you learn and how you work. Please speak to your supervisors if you have questions.

Your living quarters, shower area and personal hygiene must be clean and tidy.

We do not allow over-night visitors.  If your family or friends want to visit, please arrange this on your days off or at the end of your internship.


~  Must be 18 years of age or older

~  Must provide and be enrolled in your own health insurance program

~  Be able to speak and write fluent English

~  Be capable of walking and standing for long periods of time

~  Able to comfortably lift 50 pounds

~  Able to work long hours and work in extreme weather conditions.  (Heat and cold)

~  Complete disclosure of any prescription drug use and physical limitations

~  No drugs or alcohol allowed

~  Must complete an interview in person or via phone/Skype


A non refundable deposit of $300 must be paid 2 months prior to your starting date to hold your place in the internship program.  The $300 deposit will not be returned to you if you; cancel your internship before it has started, do not show up on your scheduled start date, fail to successfully complete the internship, damage Project Survival property, leave the internship early, or are terminated from the internship due to breach of the Internship Contract.  The remaining part of your internship fee must be paid on the day you begin your internship.

When you decide that you want to apply for an internship, our internship contract will be sent for you to read and sign.


A 3 month (5 day work week) is $1200

A 6 month month (5 day work week) internship is $2400


On-site housing is provided for up to 3 interns at a time.


We provide:

~  Shared housing (similar to dorm housing- 2 people to a room)  Linens are provided.

~  Shower and toilets are not in your dorm but a short walk to the next building.

~  Shared kitchen- we provide pots- pans- dishes

~  Free WIFI,  there is no TV reception where we are.

~  Laundry facility

No guests are permitted on the premises without approval of senior staff.  Personal pets are not allowed.


As an intern you will receive first hand training and experience in maintaining wild felines in captivity including:

~ Food prep and dietary needs.

~ Basic husbandry

~ Enclosure maintenance  (weeding, painting, repair etc.)

~ Charting of diets, health, enrichment and medications.

~  Behavioral observation

~  Enrichment development and administration

~  Possible observation and assistance in medical procedures.

~  Hand rearing of cubs if available

~  Tours of the facility to educate the public and off-site education programs

~  Hands-on cheetah training



To apply for an internship – Volunteer

We would also like you to send us a cover letter explaining why you want to join this program, your career goals and how this program will assist you in achieving your goals.  Also include your prior work experience and 2 letters of recommendation or 2 contacts.