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Volunteers are the backbone of a non-profit organization. Cat Haven is no exception. With the constant incurrence of expenses, it is important to gain the support of our community in promoting the success of our facility. Our work must be top-notch. That means our volunteers will be asked to learn new things, do uncomfortable tasks, and work intensely to foster an atmosphere that is educational, efficient, clean, and safe. We want to present a welcoming day adventure for everyone involved.

There are only a few paid positions at Cat Haven, and those are reserved for keepers who worked long hours with steady commitments. However the volunteer positions are unlimited. The following areas might be just for you.

Docents (16+ yrs old): As a docent you are required to work 4 days a month from 10am until closing. You will learn about the many species of cats at Cat Haven, as well as the personal stories of the 30+ resident cats. You will also learn about the charitable organizations that we contribute to, who runs them,and the purpose of the charity. Asa docent you give tours that last approximately one hour and cover a quarter-of-a-mile walk. You must learn crowd control, while interacting positively with the public by answering questions, sharing anecdotes and maintaining safety protocol. You will also manage the gift shop including cleaning, stocking, and cashiering. On slow days you may be painting enclosures, water proofing wood structures, pulling weeds, moving dirty stuff, cleaning dirty stuff, and other things outside your comfort zone. (approximately 20 hours of docent shadowing required)

Keepers (18+ yrs old): After working as a docent, you may be invited to become a keeper. Upon promotion to keeper you will need to work 2 days a week for a 6 month commitment, starting at 7am until approximately 5pm. Duties include food prep, food supplements, feeding, cleaning enclosures, and overall maintenance of each cat’s habitat. You will be working in the elements such as rain, snow, excessive heat, snake season, tarantula season, meat bee season, and ugly-bug season year round. Some of the things you handle are raw meat, dead mice and chicks, as well as cat poop. You will have to fill in for docents when there is excessive attendance. (prior docent work required)

Other: Clean Up Days – anyone can join us on selected weekends to work on weed control, pruning, painting, or anything you can offer to spruce up our facility.

Welders – experienced welders can help build the many enclosures needed for our growing facility

Carpenters – experienced wood workers are needed for enclosure flooring, stairs, den boxes, and bridges

Maintenance – experienced plumbers, electricians, landscapers, masons are needed for renovations

Coordinators –anyone who is dedicated to organizing fundraisers, silent auctions, advertising, website management, outreach to other charities, information booths or education would be greatly appreciated.


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