Wiley dressed for Halloween

We have two jaguar cubs that are 4 months old. Wiley and Button were born in captivity and cannot survive in the wild. They are normal playful cubs that love new things to play with. Being exposed to new things is an important part of the development of cats that will be in captivity throughout their life.  We take them for walks, introduce new toys, take them out for education programs, take them to the vet etc.  These activities become part of their daily routine and they are calm, happy cats as ambassadors for their wild cousins.
With that all said, I posted a photo of Wiley with a  fluffy collar  on our FaceBook page. I was waiting for the less informed to start in on the comments.  Some animal people are the most indigent, stuffy and self righteous people on the planet. Some of the comments were: “So giving the wrong idea people!!” or “And you think this is right to dress a cub up? Really?? you need to be reported” , “Abuse”, and ” Poor thing”
It is so predictable that these comments are made with no understand of the situation. Are the cubs really being “abused”?  We were with the cubs at the Veterinarian office for a check up. They jumped onto the hay bales and into the costume basket and started playing.  Is it wrong for the cubs to have fun? I think not, we have fun, the cubs have fun and normal people have the joy of seeing a cute photo of Wiley.
I wonder if the person who accused us of “abusing” Wiley has ever visited the Cat Haven and seen the cats or know what we do?  Everyone has opinions but when when based on ignorance, they have no value.  Do something of value- make a donation to jaguar conservation to save these beautiful cats in the wild. That’s what we do- ask Dr. Ronaldo Morato of ICMBIO.